About Me

Thanks so much for taking a moment to read about me and my site. My name is Dawn, and as far as I can remember, I've had an interest in making my products...whether it's skincare, haircare, homecare, cleaning products - if it can be made I'm going to make it! 

I've had a passion for jewelry design for decades. I first learned wirewrapping in the early 90s and I've never stopped seeking more and more education on it! I create one of a kind pieces using gauged wire, beads, gemstones and more. 

My all natural skin care is a very important passion of mine. I suffer from fibromyalgia, which has started to manifest it's way to my skin. The best way to treat many skin conditions is using essential oils, natural butters and oils. Combined in the correct way, these all bring nourishment and healing to almost any skin type and condition. I don't use any unnatural preservatives or harsh chemicals in my skin care line of soaps, washes, toners or moisturizers.

My soaps are olive oil and goats milk based that are enhanced and catered with specific essential oils and butters for certain skin types and conditions. 

My bath bombs are designed for fun, relaxation and/or rejuvenation! The scents are not all essential oils by definition, but are also not harmful to you, your skin or the tub. 

I created MoodyMoments in my kitchen in 2012 and through prodding of friends and family I made it into a business. I make all my product in small batches to ensure it's all of the best quality. I am committed to teaching others the use of natural VS mass produced and the effect the harsh chemicals we use daily is having not only on our bodies, but on our environment.

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